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You don't have the opportunity to get the amp sounds your music deserves? Let me help you with a wide range of Kemper Profiles, IRs & state-of-the-art Amp Sims!

You recorded your music and want it to sound crushing and ready to release? I will take care of it!

Your music is already mixed and needs the finishing touch to be ready for the pressing plant? I will take care of it!



Artists I've worked with

Björn Donath - Paradise


Band: https://bjoerndonath.com/

Unmasked - Behind The Mask

Reamps, Mix & Master

Band: https://unmaskedofficial.com/

Call From Distant Earth - Forlorn Hope


Band: https://www.facebook.com/CALLFROMDISTANTEARTH

Chamistry - Believer; Fight We're Losing

Mix & Master

Band: https://chamistry.de/

Take Me Anywhere - 80 Millionen Cover

Mix & Master

Band: https://take-me-anywhere.com/

Take Me Anywhere - The Golden Hour

Guitar Mix & Master

Band: https://take-me-anywhere.com/



Karsten Honsack

Hi, I'm Karsten!

I have been an active musician in Germany for over 15 years and extended my passion to Mixing & Mastering in 2015. My mission as an Audio Engineer is to let your music sound the way you want it and bring it to the next level so it sounds the best it possibly can. 

I have no genre restrictions because I take pleasure in nearly every genre. Nevertheless my home are punchy drums,  gritty basses and big rock guitars.



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